Legs and body hair removal wax strips with aloe vera extract


Victoria beauty Sensitive legs and body wax strips are the most effective and the most accurate way of removing hair. Enriched with aloe vera extract, strips are suitable for sensitive skin. Enables removal of smallest hair. New hair grows much more slowly and is visibly weaker. The time between every subsequent depilation is extended. Every next waxing becomes easier, less unpleasant and the skin achieves a long-lasting effect of smoothness and silkiness. The result is beautiful and smooth skin everyday. Suitable for sensitive skin.

In order to obtain a more soothing effect, inside the packet you will find 2 tissues with almond oil. They can be used to remove the residual wax and to sooth a possible reddening of the skin caused by the removal of the strips.

Quantity: 20 ready to use wax strips + 2 cleansing tissues with almond oil

Origin: EU

Item №: 0770054



Follow the instructions specified in the leaflet inside the packet carefully. Keep away from heat sources. If the product is used for the first time, test the wax on a little part of the area to be treated and wait 24 hours before the application. After hair removal, wait 24 h before applying deodorant, perfume, creams or alcoholic lotions. Keep away from children. For external use only.



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