Miracle Therapy 8 in 1

Unique formula with a wide range of activity. Guarantee longer, stronger and more beautiful nails with an excellent resistant to breaking, peeling and chipping. 

Nail Growth Accelerator

Regenerate and accelerate regrowth of damaged nails. Enriched in metionin which helps keratin creating. Leaves on the nail a coat smoothing even very deep ridges. Improves resistance of soft and fragile nails. 

Calcium Conditioner

It contains calcium to strengthen, condition and care for nails to stop them splitting and breaking. Minimalizes nails' surface irregularities.

Mega Shine 3 in 1

Applied after a well-dried manicure will extend the life & appearance of manicure by several days. Strengthens colorful nail enamel constancy, hardens nail surface and gives nails glazy gloss.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover with vitamin F.

Nail Hardener CERAMIC

Regenerating ceramic serum for damaged nails. Smoothing agent for weak and splitting nails.

SOS Active anti-split conditioner

Perfect for dry, soft and splitting nails. Thanks to Pro-Vitamin and calcium content strengthens nail providing moisture balance. 

Cuticle Softening Gel with Argan Oil

Enriched with glycerin, sweet almonds oil, allantoin and aloe vera extract moisturizes and softens cuticles around nails, making it easier to push them back. 

Diamond Hard 5 in 1

As a base coat diamond dust add strength to nails. As a top coat gives a brilliant lustrous shine forming an extra protective shield against flaking.

Top coat

Protects nail enamel from flaking, abrasion and mating. It gives gloss to colorful surface of nail enamel.

Quick Dry 60 seconds

Accelerates the drying of nail polish. Gives maximum shine to the nails and extends the life of your nail polish. 

Nail Rescue Silk

After artificial nails It builds up thin and dried-up nails. It levels nail surface irregularities. It gives elasticity and long- lasting moisturizing effect. 

Argan Oil Therapy

Nourishing Nail Oil with Argan stimulates the growth of healthy nails, preventing them from becoming brittle and promotes the easy removal of cuticles.


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