Ultra hydrating day cream with rejuvenating complex

Hemp seed oil is composed of around 75% lipids, including the essential fatty acids: omega 3, omega 6, and gamma-linolenic acid. These elements counteract the effects of dehydration and facilitates in moisturizing and conditioning the skin.

Facial Clay mask with hempseed oil

Clay Mask deeply cleans and regenerates skin cells while absorbing the excess sebum providing radiance and clarity. It has soft exfoliating effect. Thanks to the hempseed oil contained in the mask your skin is hydrated and protected from drying out.

Intensive regenerating and moisturizing night cream

The Victoria Beauty Night cream with hemp oil moisturizes the skin, improving regeneration and hydration overnight.

Foot care with hempseed oil

Nourishes and softens cracked and rough feet. The hemp seed oil contained in the cream highly hydrates, recovers and calms your foot skin.

Eye Cream - Intensive Care

The cream with highly concentrated unsaturated fatty acids, penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and works directly on the cellular processes intensely hydrating the area around the eyes.


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