Argan oil, also known as the "liquid gold of Morocco" comes from the rare Argan Tree, which, outside of Morocco, only grows in Mexico. In Mexico, its fruits are not used in the production of any product, while in Morocco there is widespread utilization of its benefits. The tree is considered an unofficial totem that symbolizes the independence and mysterious spirit of Morocco.

African folklore tells us the story of how the Argan tree’s significance was first developed. According to legend, in times of severe poverty, bloody feuds and disease, man spent his days and nights in prayers, hoping to someday discover the root of evil and path to salvation. As time passed, the evil maintained and people continued to perish. Eventually, a virtuous woman with a pure soul joined the prayers of man and nature and in response delivered, to the people, Argan – the tree that gives life. People soon learned to use the tree’s hard wood as a material for houses and tools, the leaves and fruits to feed the cattle, and from the kernel they extracted Argan oil, which served both as a cooking oil and as a general remedy for disease, a preserver of beauty in women and vitality in man. It is said that the very first Argan tree still remains, decorated with an illustrious crown. Still to this day, Moroccan people living amongst the Argan forests continue their worship of the Argan tree. Its significance remains strong in the lives of many Moroccans.

The process of extracting Argan oil is extremely strenuous, but with perseverance and dedication Moroccans follow an ancient tradition and continue extracting it with the same methods used many years ago. This practice has proven to consistently deliver the extraordinary qualities of Argan when used as pure extract or in combination with other oils. With Argan, nature has provided an extract of extreme value, through a process that modern technology cannot replicate. This unique oil is comprised of a vital combination of ingredients that continue to improve both the health and beauty of many people.

Argan oil is equally beneficial to both dry and oily skin. It works well on young and mature skin through deep nourishment, intense hydration and effective regeneration of the skins cellular structure. Argan oil activates vital functions of epithelial cells, slowing aging and removing wrinkles. It is an ideal mask for healthy, elastic and shiny hair. It is used to treat acne, psoriasis, eczema and neurodermatitis in the removal of scars, wounds, and burns. It Is rich in omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E – a vitamin essential for skin reproduction, youth and healthy muscle tone.

Modern science confirms what traditional human practices have already proven, that natural products are the most precious gift to be given to man, and the most effective in maintaining health and beauty.


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